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an enlightened capitalist!

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Black American Vet (1962 to 1969), Born in 1945 (You do the math, if that's important to you). Can read, write and reason. College educated? Yes! (If that matters). Retired Exec. (35 years in aerospace & defense). Own my own business, of late. "Enlightened Capitalist", you ask? Because, as opposed to too many in today's avaricious crop of "garden variety" capitalist-parasites, I believe in "doing well by doing right by the people with whom I elect to do business. And, I've finally learned to dislike certain "people types", selectively, without hating them (too much, anyway); namely, people with small minds, "fat heads", and mouths to match; the "terminally ignorant", "serial racists", and bigots who hate people, simply because the people they hate are, somehow, different than themselves (which is why I like the little "green guy" at the left; how very different he is, says he.) And don't worry, if you happen to be one of "the types" I've just mentioned, the meaning behind what these ideas seek to convey probably won't come to mind for you, ever; you see, the proclivity toward open, progressive and rational thought is not an amoral contagion to be either feared or despised, but an intellectual predisposition to be both appreciated and grateful for.